800 Series Pressure Ctrl

Pressure control valves react or respond through a pressure control regulator.

The basic body can be equipped with several different control packages in various combinations for controlling pressure and flow in large piping systems. The pressure control regulator directs water flow which positions the sleeve during operation. If the control function is pressure reducing, the sleeve position (or flow through the valve) is controlled by downstream pressure. If the control function is pressure sustaining or relief, the sleeve position is controlled by upstream pressure. It's also engineered for extremely high efficiency, resulting in low friction loss and high capacity. It's light weight and compact for ease of shipping, handling and service.

Pressure Control Options:

Pressure Sustaining


Pressure Reducing


Simplicity Of Operation

The only calibrated pressure control available in the industry. Convenient for setting correct pressure and for quickly checking proper adjustment range.

reliable Pressure Control

Low friction spool works without any pressure drop.

Advanced Sensitivity Bushing

This feature can stop wild pressure swings and tune the valve for needed accuracy.

Advanced Control 
  • Both reducing and sustaining function
  • No Pressure drop required to regulate
  • Widest flow available
  • Proportional throttle design
  • Pressure accuracy at different temperatures
  • Freeze proof easy clean filter
  • Valve quick pressure check fittings

Made of the toughest chemically resistant materials. 100% tested for accuracy. 

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