Irrigating Berries

Solutions for
Irrigating Berries

High-quality fruit and productive, profitable fields start with a well-planned Rotator® Sprinkler system. Choose Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation to irrigate a variety of berry crops, and use it in conjunction with Pressure Regulators (with optional drain check), Control Valves, and the TWIG® Wireless Control System for system automation.



A permanent set Rotator® Sprinkler system is the perfect solution for blueberries and raspberries. For cranberries, Nelson engineers have developed a detachable riser so the sprinkler can be easily removed after the irrigation season and prior to harvest. And, the Rotator has no riser vibration.  MIstigation opportunities are available with the full line of Nelson Rotators.

Whatever the berry, Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation outperforms other irrigation methods. Some of the benefits are:

  • Prevent infiltration problems
  • Combat salinity issues
  • Provide dust suppression and cooling
  • Promote good soil health and nutrition