Innovation in Irrigation


The Nelson name has been tied to manufacturing and irrigation products for over 100 years. It all started when Lewen Russell Nelson invented the “Clincher” hose coupler and opened Central Brass and Stamping Company in Peoria, Illinois in 1911. This company later became L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc., which ultimately was sold in 1972. Nelson Irrigation was founded at the time of the sale and in the nearly four decades since, NIC has led the agricultural irrigation industry with innovations such as Big Gun® Sprinklers, Rotator® Sprinklers, 3000 Series Pivot Products, 800 Series Control Valves and a complete line of Pressure Regulators.

  • 1911

    Lewen R. Nelson

    Lewen R. Nelson started Central Brass and Stamping Co. that later became L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc..

  • 1929

    L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc.

    L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc. manufactures and sells the "clincher" perfect coupler and the "crown", the "flaring rose", the "bird" and the "lark" sprinklers.

  • 1934

    Russell B. Nelson

    Russell B. Nelson joins L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc. and later becomes president, running operations until 1972.

  • 1961

    Barton R. Nelson

    Barton R. Nelson joins L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc..

  • 1972

    L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc. Sold

    On October 18, 1972 L.R. Nelson Mfg. Co. was sold (the company remained in Peoria, IL).

  • 1972

    Nelson Irrigation Corporation Founded

    When L.R. Nelson was sold, Nelson Irrigation started up in Walla Walla, WA. The initial product offering included 150 & 200 Series Big Guns and 5 models of impacts.

  • 1974

    Flow Control Nozzle

    The Flow Control Nozzle automatically compensates for field elevation differences, excessive pipe friction loss, or variations in pump pressure.

  • 1983

    SR Series Big Gun

    The SR (Slow Reverse) Series Big Gun Sprinkler offers high-volume irrigation installations heavy-duty reliability with better performance.

  • 1987


    The first Rotator sprinkler.

  • 1995

    3000 Series Pivot Products

    The modular 3000 Series Pivot Products family, based on the 3TN Nozzle System, debuts.

  • 1997

    R5 Rotator

    The R5 Rotator.

  • 1997

    ACV200 Air Control Valve

    The need for better air control prompts the development of the ACV200 Air Control Valve.

  • 1998

    PC-S3000 Part-Circle Spinner

    The PC-S3000 Part-Circle Spinner helps solve wheel-tracking problems.

  • 1998

    R2000WF Rotator

    The R2000WF Rotator.

  • 2000

    Pivot End Gun Control Valve

    The Pivot End Gun Control Valve combo allows for End Gun control without a solenoid.

  • 2000

    Mini Regulator Drain Check

    The patented Mini Regulator Drain Check provides pressure regulation with a drain check feature in a 1/2" size.

  • 2002

    MP Rotator

    The first MP Rotator.

  • 2004

    PC-R3000 Rotator

    The PC-R3000 Rotator is used to solve wheel-tracking problems and provide end of system coverage.

  • 2007

    MP Rotator Turf Sprinkler Business is sold

    Nelson Irrigation sells its MP Rotator Turf Sprinkler to Hunter Industries, so it can sharpen its focus on agricultural irrigation.

  • 2010

    O3000 Orbitor

    Satisfying a need for an offset-axis sprinkler, the O3000 adds features such as a bracketless design for no drift or drool.

  • 2013

    R55 End of Pivot Sprinkler

    An entirely new end of pivot sprinkler based on Rotator® Technology picks up added acres either through the full rotation or corners only.

  • 2013

    TWIG® Wireless Control System

    The TWIG® system provides a method of automatically cycling through a series of irrigation control valves in a programmed sequence

  • 2014

    1000 Series Valves Released

    1000 Series Valves save energy with higher flow capacity and lower friction loss – better than any other valve on the market.

  • 2015

    3NV Nozzle System and the 3030 Series Pivot Sprinklers

    This innovative, side-inlet, multi-function nozzle allows you to manage your pivot in entirely new ways.

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